Six Nations Council Research Ethics Committee Protocol The Ethics protocol, otherwise known as the application for ethics approval, is comprised of three sections: ™ Section 1 is a coversheet that records your contact details and the title of your project. ™ Section 2 is a checklist of mostly yes/no responses that identify key issues. ™ Section 3 is the proforma that provides the Ethics Committee with more detail about your project and particularly your interaction with research participants and Indigenous knowledge. Please complete all three sections and submit 4 copies and the original to the Ethics Committee Secretary at least ten (10) business days prior to a regular Ethics Committee meeting. Section 1: Coversheet Researcher’s name ______________________________________________________ (If there is more than one researcher please indicate who should receive correspondence) Researcher’s School/ Institution _____________________________________________ and Division/Dept _____________________________________________________ Postal Address for Correspondence _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________ Telephone numbers H____________________ ___ C_________________________ Email ______________________________________________________ Please circle the type of research being undertaken: Staff PhD Professional Masters Masters Doctorate Research Coursework Commercial Honours Undergrad Grad Dip/Grad Cert Medical/Clinical Other ______________ Title of Project: ______________________________________________________ Plain English Title: ______________________________________________________ Proposed commencement date __________________________________________ If researcher is a student: Supervisor’s name: ___________________________________________________ Supervisor’s email address: ____________________________________________________ Supervisor’s telephone number: ____________________________________________________

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