SPOKANE TRIBE OF INDIANS REVISED LAW AND ORDER CODE OF THE SPOKANE TRIBE OF INDIANS LAST REVISED 05/14/2013 By Resolution 2006-524, enacted 08/01/06, the Spokane Tribal Business Council approved an electronic Revised Law and Order Code (“RSLOC”) for the Spokane Tribe. The RSLOC is amended, from time-to-time, as the Spokane Tribal Business Council enacts Resolutions revising the Code, and as the duties of the Office of the Spokane Tribal Attorney permit time to incorporate those revisions into the RSLOC. Enacted Resolutions that amend the RSLOC are posted publicly, as required by the RSLOC § 1-12.10(b), and pursuant to the RSLOC 1-12.02(a), become law as soon as enacted or posted, whether or not those enactments are timely incorporated into the electronic version of the RSLOC. The task of keeping the RSLOC updated with current and pertinent versions of Tribal Council enactments is an ongoing task of the Office of the Spokane Tribal Attorney. Please contact the Office of the Spokane Tribal Attorney at (509) 458-6543 should you have any questions regarding the current version of the RSLOC that you are working with, or should you have any comments or note any corrections that should be made to this Code. **************** REVISED SPOKANE LAW & ORDER CODE SPOKANE TRIBE OF INDIANS WELLPINIT, WASHINGTON 1 Revised Spokane Law & Order Code, 5/14/2013

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