Taku River Tlingit First Nation Mining Policy PURPOSE OF MINING POLICY 1. Taku River Tlingit First Nation (TRTFN) has developed this Mining Policy to provide greater certainty for parties interested in the extraction of mineral resources from TRTFN Traditional Territory in British Columbia (see Schedule A for map of the Territory). 2. TRTFN is publishing its policy because British Columbia’s legislated process for disposing of surface and subsurface rights in the Territory does not address TRTFN’s participation in decisions regarding mining-related activity in our territory. 3. This Mining Policy explains how TRTFN intends to deal with proposals for miningrelated activity in our territory. The Policy is intended to achieve the following specific purposes: a. to explain the principles on which the TRTFN Government bases its own decisions respecting proposals for mining-related activities in the Territory; b. to describe TRTFN Government procedures for dealing with proposals for mining-related activities in the Territory; c. to describe TRTFN’s standards and expectations for mining-related activities and proponents in the Territory; and d. to describe procedures that proponents may use to seek the consent and support of TRTFN Government for mining-related activities. PRINCIPLES FOR TRTFN GOVERNMENT’S MINING-RELATED DECISIONS 4. It is the responsibility of TRTFN Government to protect TRTFN Aboriginal rights, title and interests throughout the traditional territory. TRTFN Government will therefore exercise its authority as required by its Constitution, in order to ensure that all mining activities and developments in the territory will promote the following TRTFN objectives: a. protect and accommodate TRTFN’s Aboriginal rights, title and interests, b. satisfy TRTFN principles for environmental, economic, social and cultural sustainability, as described in Schedule C; and c. provide social and economic benefits for the TRTFN community.

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